As mentioned earlier, no straight man likes anything shoved up his ass but add into that an enema and you have a degrading, humiliating act. You can berate him as you do it and add to his shame. Enema fetish is extremely popular though.

52– Splosh Humiliation

Pour custard or cream over him, bowls of baked beans, mashed bananas, tomato ketchup, mustard, cream pies to the face or on his chest or anything else you can think of. The messier the better where splosh is concerned. Rub it on his face, all over his body, in his hair, make him absolutely covered in gooey foodstuffs. You can even use gravy, spaghetti Bolognese and lasagne if you wanted.

53– Turn Him Into Furniture

Don’t even acknowledge him as a human being, just turn him into furniture. A footstool for you to rest your feet on as you relax or a seat for you to sit on. Maybe make him kneel beside you and hold your wine glass. You could also have him stand to hold a lap or make him stand with his arms outstretched and hang your clothes on him. Anything that turns him into an inanimate object and stops him feeling like a person.

54– Have Him Be Your Ashtray

Why should you have dirty, smelly ashtrays in your presence? You don’t deserve that. Have him light your cigarette and then kneel beside you or lie on the floor with his mouth open. Casually flick ash into his mouth and blow smoke on his face, smirking as he coughs. When you are finished, stub the cigarette out and then make him swallow the butt. This activity is mostly enjoyed, bizarrely enough, by non-smoking slaves

55– Spit On Him

In any list of degrading things to do to a slave in a female domination scenario, spitting on him is definitely top 3 if not number one. It is utterly humiliating for him to kneel, stand, sit or whatever and have you lob gobs of spit into his face or make him open his mouth and you spit directly down his throat. Laugh and insult him as it runs down his face and don’t allow him to wipe it off. You can hawk up phlegm and thick mucus as you both get more experienced. For the ultimate degradation, this is almost as extreme as it gets

56– Have Him Sleep On the Floor

He's not worthy of sleeping on a bed so make him sleep on the floor. If he whines or complains, take away his blanket. He will soon accept your new decision after that.

57– Join a Live Femdom Cam Site And Dominate Him On There

Why confine yourselves to just you two knowing he is owned and dominated and controlled? Why not gain from it as well? Join a live femdom cams site and you can be paid by guys from around the world who will give you requests of what they want you to do to him. These men will pay by the minute so the more you torture and humiliate him, the more you earn.  If anything is requested of you both that you don’t like, you have the option of refusing to do the session. It’s a win-win - Try out our Fetish chat rooms  - For Fantasy&Kink

58– Humiliate Him In Public

Public humiliation is a big fantasy and one lot of submissive men want. Good ideas for humiliating him in public include throwing a bottle cap on the ground and making him pick it up, yelling at him as he stands meekly and takes it, going shopping and clicking your fingers for him to pay (even better if you have a young female assistant serving!), announcing loudly that “This dress will fit you, try it on” for people to hear or making him kneel and kiss your feet in the mall. There are many different ways to do this

59– Attach Electrics To His Nipples, Cock And/Or Balls

You can use a tens machine which s available for purchase in any drug store. It has 6 pads attached to the main control box with a switch for varying degrees of power surges and patterns. Or there is an e-stims which uses bands and is mainly used on the cock. You can attack a sounds to it if you are using uthertha play. There is also the good old fashioned violet wand which you can run all over any part of his body you choose

60– Have Your Sissy Maid Clean The Entire House While You Supervise

Follow your sissy maid around as she scrubs the toilet, cleans the floor, washes the dishes, folds clothes, cleans your underwear or any other household tasks you give her. Observe closely and correct any dips in standards. Stand and tower over her as she kneels to do her chores and intimidate her. Making her nervous will increase the chance of mistakes and give you more fun administering punishments

61– Have Him Kneel Beside You While You Bathe

As you lie in a warm, soapy bubble bath, make him kneel beside you, possibly holding your towel. Relax with a glass of wine and ignore him. He desires you and lusts after you. He will have a raging boner and be desperate to touch it but he will not be able to. This is mental torture for a slave and to make it worse, forbid him from looking at you as well

62– Make Them Keep A Diary

Being dominated and controlled is one thing but having to document all the abuse, humiliation and torture is another. Make sure he fills in each day in great detail about what you did to him, how he felt and what he learned from it. You can both then gradually see his transition into a full-time slave and the progress he is making regarding levels of pain and abuse he can take.

63– Make Him Sunbathe Wearing A Bra

Put a bra on him and then make him sunbathe for a few hours till he gets nice and tanned. Then take the bra off him and he will have an extremely degrading bra shaped a white bit on his chest. This will make him paranoid 24/7 and also mean he has to be VERY careful when undoing his shirt or changing t-shirts etc until the tan fades. Of course, you can make him top it up to bronze again if you are feeling sadistic!

64– Anal Training

A good fit for a sissy slut or maid scenario but also very effective for non-sissy subs who need to learn their place, anal training involves training them to receive cock in the ass. You can make them use a dildo or vibrator on themselves if doing this via Mistress cams or you can ram it up them yourself if present. For advanced anal training, you can wear a strap on cock, bend him over and take him like a bitch. By training him to take bigger and bigger cocks you can pimp him out as a cheap fuck to horny guys so he can make you money once he is used to receiving the dick.

65– Have Him Perform On Webcam With You

Join a cam site and make him perform like a dancing monkey. Advertise shows where you will do specific things to him and guys will all contribute to watch him get humiliated or fucked.  You can also make him sign up to the shemale cams section and make money for you

66– Don’t Allow Him to Masturbate

As soon as a male gets an erection, his brain is programmed to seek out an orgasm and if it is not forthcoming then not only does he gets more and more excited but he will also become more subservient to you. Don’t allow him to touch that cock no matter how hard, erect or how much it throbs. He will be so desperate to wank he will agree to anything you say. Keep him frustrated and denied as long as you want/can

67– Make Your Sissy Parade Around For You

Have your sissy slut parade around, wiggling his ass, shaking his tush and pouting for you. Have them put on a catwalk parade and strut up and down for you. Get him to try on lots of different outfits in various degrees of sluttiness. Put on some music and clap as he minces around in high heels, tight miniskirts and crop tops.

68– Make Him Smell Your Feet After They’ve Been In Your Boots

After wearing your boots all day, either having been at work or shopping at the mall, have him kneel at your feet as you take your boots off. They will be hot, sweaty and salty. Make him smell them and inhale the musky smell.

Alternatively, have him lie on his back and place your sweaty feet on his face. You can put a gag in his mouth so he has to breath in through his nose to prevent any cheating. Make him get hard and wank as he inhales your smell to condition his mind to get turned on by sweaty feet. Only et him orgasm when he is smelling your foot and he will soon develop a fetish for it.

69– Make Him Tongue Shine Your Boots

Sometimes if you want a cleaning job done right, it needs more than a cloth or sponge. Sometimes it needs a real human touch. That’s where your little bitch comes in. Dump all your boots and shoes in front of him and tell him to clean them all with his tongue. Doesn’t matter if it's been raining and you’ve walked over mud which has now dried in. Those need to be cleaned as well. Chain him to a radiator till he’s finished if you want. This task should keep him busy for a while so you can relax, read a book or have a leisurely soak in the bath while he gets to work.

70– Enter A Femdom Webcam Room And Dominate Him With Another Mistress

This is a useful tool to use if you are both new and dipping your toes into the femdom BDSM scene and don’t know where to start. An experienced Mistress can talk you through different ideas and scenarios to help you find what works for you both. She can direct you in what to do, what is expected of him etc and to find out where both your limits are. If you are both already experienced however, you can ask the other online Mistress to help you double team your unfortunate submissive. Either way, having an online mistress join you is an incredibly fun activity

71– Make Him Look At Gay Porn

Not very effective if your slave is bi but if he is straight, it is mighty degrading. Make him sit at a computer and look at hunky gay men and of men kissing or blowing each other. Make him get hard and wank to the images and tell you how much he is enjoying looking at them. He will hate it but that’s to bad for him

72– Tell Him All Your Ex-Boyfriends Are Better In Bed Than Him

A good one to use for cuckold scenarios but needs to be done with caution. As mentioned earlier, when something is said it can't be taken back. If you are both in agreement however, you can cuck him by telling him he is the worst of all your lovers and has by far the smallest cock. Tell him he has never made you cum as they did. No man wants to hear that so it works perfectly for cuckold type sessions.

73– Have Him Text, E-mail Or Call Every Hour To Tell You He Is Thinking Of You

You need to be his only focus. He needs to think about you every minute of every hour. His every waking moment needs to be his pursuit of making you happy and of focusing on you. So make him a text, e-mail or call every hour (or half hour,15 minutes or any time scale you choose) to let you know he is thinking of you and that he adores and worships you. This will keep his mind in the right place and he will always be thinking of you to ensure he doesn’t miss his deadline.

74– Make Him Tell You All His Dirty Fantasies And Secrets

Despite how big a turn on someone’s fantasies and kinks might be, they still prefer to keep the private and in their own head most of the time. If you decide though, your slave doesn’t have that choice.

Make him reveal all of his dirtiest, most intimate fantasies and then this lets you in his head where you can manipulate him and use these things against him. It gives you incredible power over him. For example, if he reveals he has a powerful leather fetish, wear leather around him and make him smell it. It will make him more prone to do as you command.

75– Have Him Tell You All The Other Women He Saw That Day

YOU are the only woman he is supposed to have eyes for. You are his number one and only. His entire being is for you and no other woman so it is important you know what other women he is looking at and sees on a daily basis. Make him tell you every female he saw and how he felt. Have him tell you how he thought of you and how little these women mean to him. Make him reinforce his desire and commitment to you.

76– Don’t Let Him Eat

Make him go hungry to reinforce just how dependent on your mercy he is. Make him go to bed without supper, send him to work without any lunch or money or just make him sit and watch as you eat but don’t give him anything. His hunger will keep him reliant on you and desperate to please you

77– Have Him Be Your Toilet

Not for the faint-hearted and definitely only for those serious in the game, you can turn him into your toilet slave. You can make him lie on his back and you urinate into a funnel or directly into his mouth. There are special BDSM toilet box kits you can get which allow you to squat comfortably over his face and he has to drink what you expel into him. And of course, he has t lick you clean after you urinate. Why waste money on toilet paper when you have a perfectly good slave to do the job instead?

78– Restrict His TV Time

He should be thinking about you, not the tv, so don’t let it rot his mind. Restrict him to an hour or half an hour per day, 4 hours per week or whatever you deem appropriate. You can also restrict hat programmes he watches and what channels.

79– Take Pictures Of Him And Post Them Online

Either dressed as a sissy, kissing your feet, wearing his chastity, acting like a dog or eating from the floor, he doesn’t want anyone else to see him like that so take pictures and post them on your blog. He will have no idea who has seen them and it will fuck with his head but also excite him. As with lots of other activities, and especially with those that involve putting him out in public, this needs to be strictly agreed beforehand and boundaries set.

80– Have Him Tell You Why He Is Being Punished

Punishing him for any infractions is all well and good but it does him good to recite to you why he is being put across your knee, being given corner time or having his face slapped. Making him tell you will help him not make the same mistakes in future or teach him not to test your resolve or boundaries of how far he can push.

81– Make Him Sleep In A Nightie Or Female Silk Pyjamas

Real men sleep naked or in boxers. At the very least, if they wear pyjamas its usually just the bottoms. Since he isn’t a real man though, he should be reminded of this by being forced to wear a nightie to bed or some pretty silk pyjamas. The feminine feel will humble him and keep him in place. This is also a good idea for your sissy and especially for forced feminization. There should be no break in the route to the female hood for him.

82– Make Him Wear A Black Bra Under A White Shirt

Another popular public humiliation stunt, a black bra under a white shirt will stick out like a sore thumb. Make him wear it then send him off out for groceries or to his work, wherever. He will be so self-conscious and everyone will point and stare. As an added fun factor for you, in hot weather tell him he can wear a coat if he wants. He will be torn between wearing a coat in hot weather and being uncomfortably hot or taking off the coat and letting everyone see his black bra so visible. At the very least it will be amusing for you!

83– Make Him Lick His Cum Up

Sure you are restricting his orgasms to make him more subservient and keep him frustrated but it is medically unsafe to keep denying him and all that pent up cum needs out at some point so you need to grant him an orgasm. Just because he gets to cum doesn’t mean he shouldn’t suffer for it though.

After he has ejaculated all those weeks of pent up spunk into a thick, gooey pile on the floor, make him clean up his own mess. Have him lick every last drop of it. Having just come, this is the last thing he will want and the idea might have seemed fine when he was horny but no he’s not it is a whole different thing. As an added bonus for you, he won't enjoy his wank and orgasm knowing what he needs to do when it's done

84– Have Him Kiss Your Hand Before His Spanking

Having him kiss the hand that’s going to tan his backside is deeply humbling. Have him show his respect for it and what you are about to do. Make him show his acceptance of his fate.  

85– Get Him To Kiss And Worship Your Canes And Belts

Similar to No 84 above, getting him to clean and polish all of your whips, canes, paddles and crops will bring him closer to them. It will also instil a sense of fear for what is coming as he imagines what they will do to his back, ass and legs.

86– Make Him Wear Obviously Feminine Clothing To His Work

A woman’s shirt, female slacks, women’s shoes, maybe an obviously feminine belt, whatever you choose. Make him wear what are obviously clothes for a woman. Have him wear them all day and tell you all about how he felt wearing them and how awkward he felt whenever he had to interact with anyone and how embarrassed he was wondering if anyone had spotted it.

87– Gag Him

You don’t want to listen to his pathetic whinging anyway, nor should you have to. So slap a gag in his mouth to keep him quiet. This will stop him bothering you with any complaints or just if you fancy some peace and quiet. It is also useful if you are torturing him as it cuts down on the screams and noise. It's also an effective punishment for slaves who talk back too much. Make them realise that even talking is a privilege.

88– Put A Posture Collar On Him

You shouldn’t accept sloppiness or slouching from your slave. Demand perfection and that he shows he is giving 100%. TO make sure this happens and train him accordingly, put a posture collar on him that forces his neck, upper body and head to remain in an upright and dignified position, one which befits a slave serving a Queen such as you. Posture collars can be purchased cheaply from any online BDSM store. Buy one and padlock it around his neck

89– Make Him Eat What You Spit Out

As an advanced tactic from the forced feeding sessions mentioned previously, making him eat food that you’ve chewed and spat out is a humiliating and degrading thing for him to do. Bananas, apples and bread are the best foodstuffs to use but you can use potatoes, veg, meat, anything you want. Have him kneel at your feet as you chew loudly and spit out his meal for him to eat from the floor. For added degradation, step in it and squash it then make him lick it from the soles of your boots

90– Record Your Sessions Or Take Pictures

Set up a video camera or use a digital camera to take pictures or videos of him kissing your feet, worshipping your ass, dressed as a sissy bitch, having his balls tortured, being mocked with sph, being taken up the ass with your strapon or whatever it is you are doing to him. You can then view them back afterwards, either together or when you are on your own. You can also select some to post online if you both want to

91– Have Your Sissy pose Sexily For You

Working in tandem with the above or as a stand-alone act, dressing your slave as a sissy is only part of the ritual. Make him/her pose sexily, putting, sticking out their slutty ass, flashing their knickers, spreading their legs and bending over to name a few. Put together a sexy photo shoot and keep them in an album for later viewing or just enjoy the show at the moment.  

92– Call His Mother While He Is Kissing Your Feet

One for the domestic BDSM couples more than a pro Domme/ Slave scenario but can still work within it if you wanted to. Make him kiss your feet or your arse and when he’s doing it, call his mother or his sister and talk to them. Chat about whatever you want. The fear of knowing a family member is on the other line while he is kissing your feet or ass will drive him insane.

He will be shaking and panicking that you will chastise him openly when they can hear or that you will slip up and reveal what he is doing. Of course, you don’t ACTUALLY have to call them. You can just pretend. His mind will make him believe it. For added fun, drop a few double entendres in there that make sense to him and you but will mean nothing to his family.

93– He Must Prepare ALL Your Meals.

Why should you do it? He’s the slave, that’s his responsibility. Demand top quality cooking, piping hot at the time of your choosing and administer strict punishment if these are not met.

94– All The Household Chores Are Now His Responsibility

As above, these are the lowly, bottom feeder jobs that are beneath you but fine for him. Make him responsible for all the housework and household chores. Cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, the whole lot. As always, maintain extremely high standards and make sure he sticks to them. Even if he has to rise at 5 and toil right through till 1 am, make sure his chores are completed to perfection every day.

95– Oral Training

Anal training was discussed earlier but a good pimped out sissy slut should be able to suck a mean cock as well. So train them to take dick in their mouth. You can use a dildo and force it down their throat or don a strap on and fuck their face with it. Make them take every inch and get them used to open their mouth wide to receive the dick. As time goes on you can also train it for swallowing the huge cum loads expected.

96– Figging

Figging involves taking root ginger, peeling and shaping it to a bulbous look and then inserting it into the unfortunate submissives anus. Within a few minutes, it will begin to burn and sting and after 6 or 7 minutes he will be begging you to take it out. Tie him face down with his legs apart before inserting it and enjoy watching him struggle Enjoy hearing him plead and beg and promise to do anything you say (like he wouldn’t even if you hadn’t shoved a burning vegetable up his ass!) or you can shove a gag in his mouth if you don’t want to hear his whining, only see his discomfort and agony.

97– Use His Fetishes Against Him

Once you know his fetishes you have a huge advantage. If he has a weakness for leather, wear leather trousers and skirts. If he has a fetish for asses, wear skin-tight trousers, if its lingerie, wear the skimpiest sexiest sets you can find. Be it gloves, legs, tits, PVC, smoking, high heels, thigh high boots or any other thing imaginable, find out what it is then used it to make him weak and submissive and willing to do absolutely anything. Men think with their dick so control it by driving him wild.

98– Financial Domination

There are two types of findom slaves. Wannabes who disappear the second they’ve cum and forget all that they said they would do and then you have serious players. To be financially dominated he needs to live to give you money and sacrifice his own needs. He must pay you if you demand even if it means he has no money left for food or heating.

He must take on a second or third job if you want more. Make him buy you presents, jewellery and gifts. Have him pay for you and your real man to go on dates and buy lingerie that only your real man lover will see you in. Work out a budget so he has barely enough to live on and that is how much he gives you each week or month.

Or say you will text him an amount at random intervals and demand it be placed in your account. There are lots of ways to have a financial domination session and turn him into your own personal walking wallet or human atm. When you get a real paying you are laughing but there are so many time wasters out there it is worth starting off slow and sees how genuine he is

 99- Make Sure Your Word Is Law

The rule with an iron fist. Accept no backchat, no resistance, no whining or complaining. What you say goes and he does not get to decide to do it his own way. Ensure he follows all of your commands, no matter how painful or derogatory to himself they may be, to the letter. Swift punishments for any flashes of resistance or lowering of standards should result.

100– Supervised Masturbation

An incredibly humiliating act for a man, make him kneel at your feet, force him to get hard, start masturbating and sit and stare at him as he does so. Smirk or laugh as he tugs his cock and comment on how pathetic he looks. Cross your legs and get in close to add to his deep shame at having to masturbate in front of a gorgeous woman. You can also do this with him standing in front of you or make him kneel on a table or worktop so he feels like he is on display

kinky bdsm

26– Lock Him In Chastity

It’s a fact that the second your submissive is out of your sight he will start playing with himself, fantasising about you and what you’ve done etc so to combat this, lock his cock in a chastity cage that forbids him getting erect and definitely no orgasms. Keep him locked up and don’t let him cum. Tease and torment him while he’s locked and you will find him much more obedient as he strives to please you in the hope you will unlock him.

You don’t want him having any pleasure and masturbating is something you definitely want to cut out of his life. Make him earn his orgasms instead of taking them for granted. Grant him unlock time for massaging your feet, preparing your meals, performing tasks to your satisfaction and so on. You hold the key, you dictate how he gets unlocked. Most slaves who are into chastity and denial who want you as an online chastity keyholder like you to wear the key to the padlock around your neck so it hangs between your breasts and its near but oh so far

27-  Make Him Wear High Heels All Day

All women know exactly how much high heels torture your feet so what better way to make a man suffer than make him wear a pair all day? Not only will the humiliation of having to wear heels in the first place bring him immense shame but after a few minutes, his unused to wearing them feet will begin to ache painfully. You can make him parade around and laugh as he stumbles trying to balance but to be honest, just the shame of being made to wear women’s shoes will be enough to humiliate him

28– Keep Him Naked At All Times

CFNM (clothed female, naked male) is a staple of almost any femdom session. The act itself is usually accompanied by other aspects of femdom but it is used to shame and humiliate and shows perfectly the power exchange that has happened. You are clothed and he is naked, feeling vulnerable, exposed and embarrassed. Make him keep his hands behind his back, exposing his manhood, as you walk slowly around him. You can give sly digs about his body as well, and make insults. Putting your hands in your pockets or fixing your t-shirt or dress is a good and subtle way to remind him you are dignified and dressed, he is naked and exposed

29– Shove A Butt Plug Up His Ass

No guy wants anything put up their ass and they definitely don’t want anything left up there so why not make him feel degraded by shoving a butt plug up there? You can make him do it himself for added humiliation. Once it is in, make him walk around and perform any tasks you want him to do. You can experiment with larger and larger plugs as time goes on or you can buy ones which inflate to whatever level you want.

30– Have Him Thank You

Whether you are slapping his face, ballbusting him, got him over your knee for a spanking or just giving him a verbal beatdown, make sure to have him thank you for it. You are torturing him and insulting him yet having to thank you for it will make him feel much more submissive to you. For face slaps and spankings etc, you can make him thank you after every whack you administer. Oh, and make sure he adds “Mistress”, “Goddess”, “Queen” or “Princess” (or whatever you wish to be addressed as) after each thank as well. Abusing and torturing a man and making him thank you for it. What fun for you!  

31– Blackmail Him

Some slaves tend to get ideas above their station or resist your regime for training him. Some also like to be part-time slaves and pick and choose when they will serve. For those types of subs, you should blackmail them. Get him when he is horny and have him reveal his family’s names and contact info, his address, where he works and his colleague's contact information.

With this ammunition, you can ensure his continued obedience and if he ever steps out of line you threaten to reveal all his dirty little secrets to his friends and family. This scenario is perfect for sissy slaves and sluts as you can take pictures of them dressed and threaten to post them online or to a random family member if he doesn’t do as you command. Please note though, blackmail fantasy roleplay is just that. Fantasy. It is the thrill of “Oh my god she has this power over me to make me do anything she wants” that creates the turn on. Don’t ACTUALLY post thing to his family or online. See our blackmail mistress cams here

32– Bastinade Torture

Bastinade is the art of torturing someone’s feet. There are very few muscles in the feet and as such, it is a very painful place to be abused on. More advanced subs and Mistresses can use canes and whips to the soles of the feet but for beginners, simple things like using a pinwheel or hitting gently with a spoon and building up the force can suffice.

Another good method is making him stand on things like Lego, plugs or pin tacks. Normal household objects can be turned into great tools for bastinade torture with the right imagination. Standing on things is the ideal way to do this on femdom cams as well, since having a slave use a spoon or cane on themselves will always result in the “holding back”

33– Mind Fuck

Messing with a slaves mind and keeping him on the edge of fear and anticipation is a hugely fun experience. There are countless ways to fuck with a subs mind. One of the best is to tie him to a chair and casually talk about castration while dangling a knife near his cock. Then blindfold him and either swap it for a butter knife or use the handle.

He will jump! Another good one is to blindfold him then sprinkle corn flakes on the floor and tell him they are pin tacks. For webcam femdom slavery, you can tell him to come to you at 9 o’clock then when he appears, tell him he is late and you said 8. Be adamant and he will start to doubt himself. I’m sure you have a wicked enough imagination to think of many more mind fucks!

100 Ideas, Techniques to dominate your slave & sissy girls - BDSM Training

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So there you have it. 100 ways for a beginner, a novice or an experienced Domme to dominate and humiliate a submissive.  Hopefully, you have either gained enough to get a foothold in the scene as a Dominatrix or to spice up your bedroom fun and if you are an experienced Mistress, maybe you have been put on a path to offering new techniques to clients.

Whether you are a real-time Mistress or are looking to enter the live webcam femdom scene, hopefully, this list has given you a few pointers and starting places to control and dominate weak, pathetic men

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34– Ignore Him

This guy worships you. He adores you. He has pledged to serve you at all costs. He lives for your attention and for you to speak to him. So don’t. Sit on your phone, browsing the internet or reading a magazine. He will be desperate for you to acknowledge him and the more you ignore him, the more it torments him. A very simple technique but one which is oh so very effective

35– Give Him Only Bread And Water

Like most men, he will like his food. A big juicy steak, a cheeseburger and chips, lasagne. All men like to eat. So deny him all this and only let him eat bread and water for a set amount of time, determined by you. This works best as a punishment as he will remember the hunger and strive to be better for you in future. For added torment, after a while when he is starving hungry, when he is eating his bread, sit with his favourite food and eat it in front of him. The sight and smell will drive him and he will be salivating all over the place!

36– Don’t Let Him Touch His Cock

Or should that be don’t let him touch YOUR cock? After all, as his Mistress, that cock belongs to you. It is your property but you can forbid him from touching it. Add in some teasing with your feet, ass, legs or boobs. Make him watch porn videos. Use whatever his fetish is to get him hard and turned on but don’t let him gain any relief by touching “your” dick. He will be aching to touch it, stroke it and wank it for relief as he is so turned on and excited but you can gain your own satisfaction from keeping denying him permission.

37– Forced Exercise

No one wants to look at a flabby gut on a male and since you own this one, make him lose it. Force him to do exercises to lose the gut he’s got. Make him do star jumps, press ups, squat thrusts, suicide runs and anything else you can think of. Don’t let him slack. When he falters, yell at him or whack him with a cane or crop.

You can attach electric to his cock and balls and shock him if he starts to fade to keep him motivated. Laugh at him and make fun of him as he jumps about and is covered in sweat. Use caution if playing this scenario. If he is overweight he cants exert too much and be sure to make sure he drinks plenty of water throughout the ordeal/session

38– Tease His Cock And Edge Him Till He Is Crying

A turned on and excited man is easily controlled. As soon as that cock gets hard, his whole entire body becoming solely about the orgasm. He wants to cum His mind has been programmed to seek relief when he is excited, no matter what. So if you constantly tease his cock, bringing him to the edge of orgasm but denying him that final stroke to gain the relief and orgasm he wants so badly, you can really make him suffer.

After a while, it will be utter torture for him as his dick aches and throbs. Then he will begin to cry as he begs you to either stop or grants him an orgasm. Don’t though. Keep going. Sit on his face, dangle your boobs or feet at him, stroke and wank his cock and drive him crazy - Orgasm Control  - Ideas & Kinks

39– Wear A Strapon And Fuck Him In The Ass

To really humble him, humiliate him and degrade him, put a strap on and fuck his ass. No man can help but feel totally helpless when a woman plunges her fake cock up his arse and pounds him like a jackhammer. Lube your cock and slide it in, build up a nice rhythm and then treat him like a slut. Men don’t want things shoved up their backside so this is the ultimate power shift to show who calls the shots. Be sure to call him names and laugh at him to really make his ordeal all the more humiliating. Strap on play works especially well with sissy sluts

40– Shave His Head

It is a degrading thing to be forced to shave your head bald so make him do it. Have him take a pair of scissors or clippers to it and cut off the excess then get him to smear on shaving cream and use a razor for the rest. Be sure to laugh at him as he takes it off and call him names like baldy and chromedome.

41– Post-Orgasm Torture

Once a male ejaculates, his cock becomes incredibly sensitive. Like REALLY sensitive. So if you have been teasing and edging him for a while and he is desperate to cum, let him but once he's cum, keep going. Don’t stop wanking him and the pleasure of his orgasm will quickly be replaced by pain in his cock.

Keep going no matter how much he tries to get away. Before long he will be begging you to stop. This is a great punishment for slaves who get caught masturbating or who get the dreaded unauthorised erectionIt'sts also good for subs who whinge about “needing” to cum. Some Dommes will keep going till he gets hard and then make them cum again– Tattoo Him

Not for the amateur and definitely more a specialist and experienced act, you can make him get a tattoo to show he is your property. It can be something discreet that only you and he know about and with something that only the two of you know means he is owned. Maybe a tattoo of a collar or of your initials.

Maybe Chinese writing that says “owned” for example. Or if you are two serious players you can have him get “property of Mistress X” tattooed on him, or maybe cuckold, bitch, slave or what ever else you think suits him best. Please remember though that long after you have both calmed down and your endorphins are gone after the session, the tattoo will still be there so make sure this is something discussed fully beforehand and not just don on a whim. Check out our Masturbation Chat Rooms - Orgasm Control


42– Make Him Wear Perfume To His Work

Working especially well if your slave is a crossdressing sissy slut or sissy maid but also a great torment for other slaves, spraying perfume on him so it is very noticeable to anyone within range will leave him paranoid, embarrassed and feeling awkward.

43– Make Him Stand In The Corner

Particularly effective after an OTK spanking or just because you’re fed up looking at him or want to do something else, make him stand in the corner facing the wall. Hands behind his back or behind his head, have him stand there not moving a muscle for an extended period of time. If used after a spanking or caning, his sore ass will be burning and add to his discomfort. You can also put a penny on the wall and make him hold it with his nose or have him hold it with his erection, forcing him to remain hard

44– Don’t Let Him Sit On The Furniture

Simple but very effective. If he wants (or you allow him) to sit down, make him sit on the floor. Don’t treat him like an equal by allowing him to sit on the couch or a chair. He will quickly learn his place from the floor. For live femdom webcam sessions, just make him put the chair away and kneel as he types to you or make him sit on the floor to talk if he has a cam and a microphone.

45– Don’t Let Him Sit At All

Instead of allowing him to sit on the floor, just don’t let hm sit. Make him stand at all times unless you permit it. Make him do exercise or serve you but he must remain standing, even if you are not “using” him.

46– Have Him In A Stress Position

Make him sit in a stress position and stay there. There are lots of examples online that will work in person or on webcam. One of the best is having him lean with his back against the wall and be in a sitting position. This is great as it doesn’t involve any props or intriquate tying techniques.

47– Use Predicament Bondage

Predicament bondage is securing him in such a way that moving from that position will cause extreme discomfort in another way. For example, tie a bucket filled with water to his balls and feed the rope through a hook in the ceiling. Now he has to hold the rope to keep the weight off his balls. Or tie the string to his nipples and have him bend his knee and tie the other end to his toe or ankle. Now he has to balance on one foot and keep his leg bent or risk pulling his nipple. These are just 2 examples but your twisted, playful imagination can come up with countless other ones to try

48– Let Him Only Have Cold Showers

Nothing beats a nice hot shower to make you feel good but as a slave, he doesn’t deserve that so make him turn the hot water off and only have cold ones instead. Make him shower properly with soap and shower gel and shampoo and have him take as long a one as you demand. Also a great punishment for slaves who get erections without permission

49– Make Him Keep Himself Trimmed

An unsightly mound of pubic hair is a huge turn off and disgusting and even though he has no chance of you sleeping with him or sucking his cock its no reason for him to have a jungle down there so make sure he keeps it neat and trimmed. Regular inspections are a must (especially if you don’t require him to be naked all the time) and swift chastisement for any slacking are also a necessity.

50– Grow Your Privates Till They Are Bushy Then Make Him Go Down On You

Nearly all men love a shaved pussy. It is a massive turn on for them and they cant stand a big hairy muff. Well unlucky for your sex slave that you don care about his wants then isn’t it? Grow your hair till it is a thick mound that makes him gag then push his head down there to eat you out. Shave for real men but not for him and make sure he knows it too!

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6Make Him Wear Your Underwear

It is a very humiliating experience for a man to have to wear women’s knickers or panties so make him wear yours. His shame at wearing frilly knickers or lacy panties will keep him humble and prevent any flashes of defiance. This act works great if you are wearing a short skirt or dress and you let him see you take your knickers off and hand them to him to wear. Now not only are you commando, but he is also in your undies.

7– Dress Him Up Like A Woman

It is impossible to describe the utter feeling of shame for a man to be forced to dress as a woman. To wear frilly panties, a dress, stockings, a wig and have makeup applied. He will be so embarrassed he will be meek, humble and more willing to do as he is told. This is also a good time to apply list no 5 as well. Forced feminization works well for conflicted cross dressers as they are free from the guilt as “she made me do it”

8– Don’t Allow Him To Stand

Making your slave kneel to kiss your feet or bow in your presence is one thing but to deny him the right to stand and make him crawl around on his knees all the time, even when performing tasks you have given him? Well, that’s a whole other ballgame. Being on his knees to worship and rub your feet, kiss your arse or show is submissiveness will be fine for him but there is something different about being forbidden from standing. You can make him scurry around by giving him time limits to do things (20 seconds to fetch you a glass of water for example)

9– Put A Collar On Him

Nothing says owned like wearing a collar put on you by a dominant female. If your slave still has a bit of resistance in him, make it a pink collar, maybe with a little bell that dings when he moves. You can buy cheap collars that say “bitch”, “owned”, “property” or “pet” on them. Some Mistresses like to padlock it round their slave's neck so they have a feeling of complete powerlessness over being owned

10– Abuse His Cock And Balls

Right between his legs is the most sensitive area a man has so if you really want to hurt him, this is where you go and the possibilities are endless. You can kick him between the legs, slap his balls, beat them with a belt or cane, drip hot candle wax on them, tie them up tightly with shoelaces or whack his balls with a wooden spoon and make him squirm, yelp and plead for mercy.

The control you will have over him as he strives to avoid your torture will give you a power rush. Be aware however, a flaccid penis can take an incredible amount of abuse but an erect one is much more sensitive and delicate. As such, the abuse dished out to it needs to be done carefully and not so brutal. - Ideas for Cock & Ball Torture

11– Torture His Nipples

Since nipples on men are pretty useless but very sensitive, why not use it to your advantage and torture the life out of them? You can put clothes pegs on them, tie a string to them, put nipple clamps on and attach weights, flick them with your fingers or wave a hot cigarette near them to make him squirm. After the cock and balls, his nipples are the most painful place to be tortured to make him suffer and abuse them. 

12– Slap His Face

Giving him a good slap to his face is a perfect way to keep him in line. A big backhander or a gentle slap is all that is needed. You can make him see stars or just make his cheeks tingle.

This can be done either with him standing in front of you or when he is on his knees. Face slapping is a great activity to cement the power shift and is also good as it can be done gently for the novice or someone who doesn’t have a high pain threshold or it can be done as hard as she can muster and make him stagger and see stars.

When it comes to face slapping, sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual impact so draw it out to prolong his terror. Amuse yourself by moving quickly but not actually hitting him and then laugh as he flinches and cowers. For added effect, as he stands or kneels with his hands behind his back, walks back and forth and make him shuffle so he is always facing you.

13– Put Him Across Your Knee

Nothing is more humiliating for a grown man than to be pulled across the knee of a stern woman. Yank his pants down, expose his bare bottom and then pull him across your lap. You can use your hand, a hairbrush or a wooden spoon on his ass and each one will sting like hell. Grab his wrist to stop him putting it over his arse to deflect your blows.

 Be sure to tell him exactly WHY he is getting an OTK spanking from you (over the knee) and be sure to make him count each whack you land on his cheeks and to thank you after each one! The arse cheeks are very fleshy and can take almost limitless abuse so you can really go to town on them

14– Take Your Belt To Him

If you want to take things up a notch, take your belt to his arse and really make him feel it. A leather belt really stings and leaves welts that will make sitting painful. Getting the belt will become something he hates and you will find him much more obedient as he strives to avoid getting belted. Be sure to follow it through though.

If he misbehaves he will soon learn it is an empty threat unless you bend him over and whip his ass. Make a show of taking your belt off your trousers and you can prolong his suffering by making him follow you upstairs.

15– Use A Cane

A step up from the hairbrush or the belt, using a cane is for the more advanced and experienced players. For novices, start slow and gently and work up to harder and harder blows. Caning is a painful thing to get and he will remember it for a long time. While the ass is capable of taking a great deal of abuse, take care to aim properly.

Don’t just start swishing away. The upper thighs and the lower back as not capable of taking the same level of abuse so make sure you hit where you are aiming. Also, it is a good idea to give him a bit of a light spanking first to get the blood flowing to that area and prevent skin splitting.

16– Don’t Allow Him to Speak

His constant whining and complaining will only annoy you and as the one in control, you aren’t supposed to be annoyed so take away his speaking privileges. Make him stay mute and either put up his hand to be given your permission if he wants to speak or just make him stay quiet till you decide otherwise. It is very degrading for a man to be forbidden from speaking and he won’t realise how much he misses it till it’s been taken away

17– Apply Bathroom Privileges

Make him earn going to the bathroom. If he needs to pee, he needs to earn that privilege and ask for your permission. Have him worship your feet, kiss your ass, give you reasons why he should be allowed to go to the toilet or make him beg. Grant permission if you feel he earned it, deny it if you feel he didn’t. You are in control and the final say is yours. He must also understand that your decision is final

18– Have Him Perform Oral On You But Don’t Give Him Any In Return

Everyone loves getting oral sex but many people don’t like to give it. Well as a Domme, you have the unique privilege of getting as much as you like and not giving any back.

You can make your slave go down on you any time you like, as often as you like and for as long as you like and give you lot of lovely orgasms and you can then just push him away and leave him denied, wishing he could get a blowjob but ultimately just left with an erection and blue balls.

You have the pleasure of receiving a lick out without having to reciprocate and he, the sub, actually gets a kick and is turned on by wanting oral but being denied. It’s a win-win for both parties

1– Make Him Kiss Your Feet

This act is femdom 101/ Having your slave on his knees and worshipping your feet is one of the biggest power shift actions there are. It is a great activity if the sub has a foot fetish and or the Domme, she gets to tower over her lowly subject and feel the power she has over him.

2-  Make Him Kiss Your Ass

A step up from number 1 above, this is a VERY humiliating task for a guy to perform. Especially if you make a show of it by lowering your jeans, hitching your skirt up and wiggling your ass while laughing sadistically as he kneels behind you. Have him kiss your cheeks and tell you how much he loves it

3– Have Him Kiss Or Lick Your Boots

A perfect way to start a session, either a pro-real-time session or a kinky bedroom foreplay session. As you enter, make him get on his knees (Or if he’s already there, stand in front of him) and then order him to kiss your boots, starting at the toes and not to neglect the heel. To add a further bit of humiliation, you can sit on a chair and make him lick the soles of your boots as well.

4– Verbal Degradation

Giving a sub a good verbal tongue lashing is something that happens in all femdom sessions, regardless of it’s a cam or household one. You can let fly with a volley of abuse, calling him all sorts of names and giving him all sorts of insults. Useless, pathetic, loser, wanker, asshole and dickhead are all common. It can just be a roleplay “I hate you” type, or it can be a more specific “I gave you a task to do and you failed it”.

Either way, you can release your tension and make him stand there and take it. It is important to lay ground rules beforehand, however. Some things might not be acceptable to him, or you for that matter. If he wears glasses, for example, make sure he is ok being called speccy or four eyes. If he is overweight, be sure to clarify he is fine with being called lardass. If you are a couple who use this as an amateur activity in your femdom scenarios, please remember that some things said, even if its just part of the game, cannot be unsaid and so both parties need to be in agreement about what’s ok and what isn’t.  

5– Change His Name

If you are a webcam Mistress or a real-time Dominatrix, you can change his name for whenever you talk to him or he comes to you for sessions. If you are amateur’s, it can be for whenever you like (a great thing to do is call him by his new humiliating name when out in public. None of the vanilla people will know but you both will!). You can change it to a girl’s name such as Susan, Betsy, Jamima or Jessy if he is a sissy (or not, it’s actually more humiliating that way), a dog’s name such as Rex, Fido or spot or you can call him spud, Shrek or just plain old loser.  

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Many people think to be a Dominant is just be as bitchy as possible, slap his face hard and call him names but the truth is there is a lot more to it than that. Although femdom is about being controlled and of being in control and the general point is that the slave “has no choice” in what is happening, it is important that both sides, top and bottom, gain something from the experience.

This is the main problem facing women who want to be Dommes but don’t know how to go about it to get started and couples who want to experiment with female domination but neither party knows how to go about it to make it enjoyable for all concerned.

That’s why we have compiled this list. It gives a large, but by no means exhaustive, selection of ways to dominate a slave or sissy and should provide enough pointers for a wannabe Dominatrix to dominate a submissive or a couple who want to try femdom in the bedroom.

It covers basic female domination 101, the intermediary method’s for those beyond beginner level and looking to step it up a notch and will hopefully also give more experienced Dommes new ideas to keep things fresh.

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19– Make Him Eat Food He Hates

Having to eat food you don't like is a horrible experience. Either find out what he hates the most (mussels or scallops are a good one) and then make him eat lots of it. Whatever he doesn’t like, fill a plate or force it down his throat. You can also add some humiliation into the mix and fill a dog bowl and make him eat it at your feet. Give him nothing but what he hates and makes him gag, especially if he displeases you in any way.

20– Post Pictures Of Him Dressed As A Sissy Online

Dressing as a sissy or a slut in private is one thing. He can strut around, flashing his panties, sucking a dildo in a sissy cams session or serving you all in the knowledge that only you see him in this cross-dressing state but if you really want to humiliate him and keep his mind focused on the fact he is a prissy sissy or a sissy slut or maid then take pictures of him and put them on your website or blog. Sissy Humiliation  - Ideas & Pictures

If you are an online Mistress who sees him when he comes for a femdom webcam session then this excitement will keep him coming back time and time again as the thought will turn him on. One word of caution though, never put someone’s picture online without their permission. Yes, you are the Domme and he the sub but it is still his life out with the scene. Seek his permission and definitely blur his face and any distinguishing features

21– Make Him Sign A Contract

To ensure his continued obedience, make him sign a slave contract which outlines exactly what is expected of him and what you can and will do to him if he breaks any of the terms and conditions within. Knowing he has signed a contract will keep him loyal to you and keep him in line. Of course, this contract is not legally binding and is all roleplay but it is a lot of fun!

22– Make Him Perform Menial Tasks

A good way to break your slave's spirit and make him more obedient and less resistant, as well as keep him occupied while you relax, watch tv or chat with your friends is to make him perform menial, mind-numbing, brain mushing tasks. Making him pour a bag of rice on the floor and count how many grains there are is a favourite.

You can also have him count cornflakes in a bowl, scrub the floor with a toothbrush, hand wash the clothing, wash every single cup plate and piece of cutlery in the house or cut grass with scissors to name just a few. Anything really, as long as its soul-crushingly tedious and mind-numbingly boring. And long!

23– Flaunt Your Boobs In His Face

All men love a cracking pair of boobs and submissive men are no different. Since you are the Mistress and therefore way above his station and totally unattainable to him, you can really torment him by flaunting your tits inches from his face. This will drive him mental as he longs to touch them but knows he can't because you would never allow it.

This works great on a femdom cams site as you can dangle them right in front of the webcam and tell him you would let him bury his face in them if he were there. That will drive him nuts! This works best for guys with a breast fetish or boob men but when you are dealing with males, dangling your tits in their face will turn them all to jelly!

24– Insult His Cock

Every guy on the planet has the same thing as their most prized thing. His cock. They all like to think they are magnificent, powerful, big and that women’s eyes will bulge upon seeing it. So cut him down to size by ridiculing it, calling it ugly, pathetic and telling him you would never sleep with anyone who had a cock like his.

SPH (small penis humiliation) is one of the most popular activities in female domination as it hits a guy right where it hurts so be sure to comment on its lack of size. With SPH though, you need to make sure he is “in to” it. You can't just launch into a tirade as it can be mentally damaging. Almost all submissive men with small cocks will get off on you insulting it but make sure he is one of them first!

25– Cuckold Him

This is a popular choice for subs and Mistresses alike and can be used for couples to spice up their sex life or for a Domme/sub scenario. It can be all a fantasy where it is all talk or can actually happen. The fantasy one is much more common though and definitely recommended for beginners as once the deed is done there is no going back.

For couples, you can make him watch you get ready for a date and tell him you are going to fuck another man. You can make him listen to you tell him about men you’ve slept with since you got together or how you plan to sleep with guys from your work. For Mistresses, the sub will lust after you, have you on a pedestal and want you badly so tell him about all the real men lovers you have and how he doesn’t stand a chance with you. For the more advanced players, you can make him watch you with a real man as well

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