Cock and Ball Torture Story

The table I was tied to was cold and hard. Of course Mistress would not care about my comfort so she had not paid extra for the leather covering. It was cold, hard metal and here I lay shackled to it. I was already shaking and shivering at the thought of what was to come and the stainless steel tabletop wasn’t helping.

My arms were stretched out above my head with cuffs attached to my wrists. My ankles were bound with cuffs as well and my legs were spread about 4 feet apart. I was naked of course and I was only too aware of how exposed my cock and balls were and I knew that was no coincidence.It began this morning. Mistress Helena loves giving me Tease and denial sessions.

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She uses jerk off instructions to make it as frustrating and hellish for me as she can. This particular morning she was in a particularly sadistic mood. She had put porn on in the background and turned the volume up and had worn her skin tight leather catsuit that hugged her perfect size 10 body and zipped it up to her cleavage, making her 36DD boobs extra prominent.

I am a big tits man and this made my dick rock solid and throbbing in no time. I then spent the next 15 minutes being ordered to speed up, slow down, start, stop, switch hands, only go upwards, then downwards and back and firth between them all till my cock ached, my head was spinning and I didn’t know 

which way was up. My dick throbbed and pre cum was dripping and running from the tip and glistening in the light. I had been forced to edge 9 times and I was almost crying with frustration and I had aching blue balls from my need to cum. I was counting out the 35 strokes I had been ordered to give but as I got to 6 I felt my cock stiffen. I wasn’t going to make it to 35 but as I stopped she had slapped my ass with her crop and told me to keep going, she watched me on cam

“I need to Mistress, im going to cum”

“keep fucking going and give me the 35 I want but don’t you DARE cum” she warned

I tried desperately to hold my orgasm back but at stroke 22 I felt my cock strain and then begin to jerk. I was cumming. I groaned as my cock spurted but I didn’t enjoy it. The fear of what she would do to me for this disobedience was crippling.You can find a mistress on cam here

“You fucking disobedient little shit” she screamed “I told you NOT to cum”I had apologized and groveled but it was futile. She had grabbed me by the ear and dragged me to my feet. My now semi limp dick swung around and the cum was splashing around 

hanging off the tip. She had thrown me on the table and roughly secured me to it, helpless and exposed.

“Ill be back to deal with you shortly” she hissed, before stomping out and slamming the door behind her.

Ive no idea how long ago that was now. An hour maybe? Two? Three? It was ages anyway and all I had to keep me company was the cold and my imagination which was running riot as to what lay ahead.

Then the door was thrown open and she came stomping back in. I stared at the ceiling, not wishing to make eye contact. I heard her throw stuff around and chuck stuff onto a table in the corner. Beads of sweat were forming on my forehead and my armpits. I felt them trickle down my skin as my heart pumped.

She came over to me and without a thought, landed a large leather. Bag on my chest with a thump. I groaned and let out a muffled groan as it drove the air from my lungs.She opened it and took out some electric wires with crocodile clips on the end and a small black box with two dials on it. My stomach tightened. What on earth was this? My head was spinning and. I shifted uncomfortably. I only now realized my 

lower back was soaked in sweat. She picked thebag up and dropped it on the floor.

“Nervous? You should be. Im going to teach you a lesson you’ll remember for long, long time”

Her words were ominous and echoed in my head. I didn’t have long to think though before she grabbed my balls and roughly clipped one of the wires to my sack. The pain made me winch involuntarily.

“If you think that’s bad you’re in for a rough afternoon” she mocked, a tinge of sarcasm in her voice.

The first clip had cerrated edges and I felt it bite into my sensitive flesh. She clipped the otber one to my balls as well and I then heard her connect it to the box with a click. She threw it on my chest with a thud. I grunted.This is the world of bdsm cams  if you need to have your own story to tell

She leaned her right elbow on my chest and placed her chin on her palm. The force made it difficult to draw breath. She looked down at me with a sadistic smirk on her face.

“What did I tell you not to do?”

“You told me not to cum Mistress” I wheezed, trying to breath normally

“That’s right. So why did you cum then?”

“im sorry Mistress. I tried to stop but you wouldn’t let me”

She raised her eyebrows and looked at me in surprise. I closed my eyes, not believing I had just said that.

“oh so its my fault is it? Its my fault you cant control yourself?”

“no Mistress that’s not what I meant” I tried to explain

“oh shut up”

She removed her elbow and I gasped, finally able to breath. She picked up the box and showed it to me. I strained my eyes to see it from my position. There were two red dials and an on/off switch along with an lcd display.

“This one” she said, tapping one of the dials with her perfectly manicured and white lacquered nails “controls how much power I sent to the clips and this one here” tapping the other ”controls how often. It can be every second, every 30 seconds, every minute or what ever I choose. Neat huh?”

“Yes Mistress”. My voice was shaky with nervousness and cold, despite my sweating.

She flicked the on button, making sure I saw it happen. I jumped as it clicked. A sarcastic laugh came from between the luscious red lips of her mouth

“God you’re pathetic. A little click and you jump like a startled mouse?” she mocked

She turned the power dial and I felt the faintest of tingles. Another click and it got stronger. Another and it started to pulse. Yet another and it got stronger. Then another and I began to feel uncomfortable. Then another and my muscles began to contract as the electricity pulsed through in a constant stream. I grunted and my shackles rattled as I strained against them. Read more on our masturbation chat sessions as well

“oh It looks like weve found the sweet spot eh bitch” she mocked with a slight cackle. “how aboutnif I do…THIS”

And with that she took the knob and yanked it hard the whole way round. It took about a second for the pain to hit but when it did? Oh my god ive never felt anything like it. I tried desperetly to close my legs, to protect my cock and balls. I pulled against my wrist shackles to get my arms down but it was hopeless. I let out an agonized scream. She turned the power right down and I sagged on the table, panting heavily

“Oh for pitys sake. Cant even lie at peace without making a fuss”

And with that she walked over to the bench and came back with a ball gag. She forced the large red rubber ball into my mouth and roughly pulled my head up to tie it behind. She picked up the box and didn’t even look at me as she yanked the knob round again. I let out another muffled scream and my eyes bulged open wide. I tried to plead and beg for her to stop but all I could manage was a muffled gaggle of nonsense. A brief interlude of a few seconds to let me catch a breath then….bang…..another blast shoots through my cock.

With her right hand she grabbed my Nipple and twisted it hard. My upper body rose as I screamed and at that moment she gave me another shot of electrics. Again and again I received short blasts of maybe a few seconds. By now I was sobbing and crying. My muffled cries and pleading fell on deaf ears. I sagged on the table, my whole body soaked in sweat and tears while my dick felt like it was fried.

“Phew” she said, as if she had the hardest part in this “that was intense”

I said nothing as I stared at the ceiling, praying it was over.

“Well im going downstairs for a coffee. This is thirsty work. Ill leave you here to think about why I was forced to do this to you in the first place.”

She turned and took two steps towards the door.

“oh, before I forget…” and without another word she picked up the black box. I groaned with fear as I craned my neck to look.

“I think a five second blast every 60 seconds at a medium level will see you through till I get back don’t you? Ill be about an hour or two”

And with that she turned and walked away. Just as the door closed the first wave hit…….