Financial Domination

Financial Domination Online

Financial domination. Being ruined financially by a Mistress who does not care one iota about you, your bills or how you eat as long as she gets your money to buy things that she wants. Are you ready to be financially fucked? To become a human atm to a bratty spoiled mean bitch? To become the paypig to a woman who will ruin your life then discard you like an old newspaper? If so then read on, because we have the money Dommes for you.

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When vanilla people think of female domination they picture a woman in leather whipping a man tied to a cross. While this is a perfectly valid assessment, the truth is that pain is only a small part of femdom. There are many different layers and one which does not involve any physical pain is financial domination.

financial domination

If you are a submissive who gets his kicks from serving a money domme in findom then this is the site you need to be on. This femdom cam site has dozens of financial Mistress hosts who will take great pleasure in emptying your bank account and of having you pay for their lifestyle.

Financial domination has been around ever since women first discovered how to manipulate a weaker man

Now, these women are online and waiting on pathetic excuses for men to come to them instead of having to seek you out. Why should they do the leg work? You are the inferior one. It is your responsibility to find them and beg to pay them.

Do you fantasise about a bratty 18-year-old Princess taking all your money? Or a spoiled daddy’s girl co-ed? Maybe a demanding milf is more your type? Whatever age of money mistress online you dream of, she is on here and ready to drain you.

Each and every lady on here is superior to you in every way imaginable and they will take every last penny you have and then toss you aside so if you want them to keep giving you the attention you crave from beautiful women, you better take on another job hadn’t you?

findom mistress

There are dozens of Dominatrix webcam models on this site and each one is an expert manipulator and know exactly how to mess with your head to turn you into their walking wallet. You are nothing to them but a pay pig but still you will worship the ground they walk on.
Findom can happen in one of two ways. Short term or long term.

With short term, you will usually be a submissive who fantasises about financial dom but only till you have orgasmed. You will have a chunk of money which she will take and then forget about you till the next time she has to look at your face to get her money. Short term financial domination is for wannabe money slaves who can not really afford to be proper money slaves but still get a kick out of giving money yet receiving nothing in return.

We love to drain some of our sissy girls and take them on shopping trips and demand they buy items for their gorgeous Mistress – sissy humiliation is something we never get sick of, public humiliation and forced bisexual and if you don’t you will be made to pay a fine

Long term findom will involve her dictating a certain amount of money is given to her every week or month. She will garner a list of your income and expenditure and then decide how much is to be given to her each week or month. Of course, you may need to cut your cloth to accommodate this amount. Cable tv? Gone. Steak for dinner? Gone. Car? Gone Holidays? Forget it. Once she has her hooks into you, your every waking moment is focused on earning her money to keep her happy.

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Maybe you will need to get another job or take out a loan. Max out your credit cards or drain your savings account. It doesn’t matter and she doesn’t care. Your money isn’t really yours anymore. It is hers and hers alone.

money pigs, paypigs, findom pictures

Maybe she will text you and demand money be paid into her account to pay for a takeaway. Maybe she will want money for acute tennis bracelet or jimmy choos.

Perhaps she wants to buy some kinky lingerie she can enjoy with her real man boyfriend and YOU are paying for it. Doesn’t really matter what it’s for, all you need to know is you better come up with a way to get it to her.

Financial domination via webcam is the one area of femdom that every online Mistress loves the most. You pay and she has to give you NOTHING in return. No cleavage teases, no moving about for boot worship. No having to look at your cock for sph or CBT. Nothing. All she has to do is demand money and you pay.

financial mistress

Maybe you need a little extra encouragement to go the extra mile and pay that little bit extra. That’s where blackmail fantasy roleplay comes in. She has all your personal details (wife’s name, wife’s cell number, your address, work address, bosses name, family members names and addresses) and threatens to reveal all if her demands are not met.

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As a submissive, you don’t deserve luxuries and as a dominant, superior female, she does so get your credit card out loser, its time to pay. Enter a live femdom cams session with a money Mistress now.

Maybe she will just sit and ignore you as the time eats into your credit card. Maybe she will ramp her price per minute up as high as it will go. Maybe she will help herself to amazon gift cards using your credit card. Whatever she decides, you better just say “Thank you Mistress” and be grateful she is even bothering with you