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Can I hear The Feet Fetish Cam Girls As I Watch Them?

Yes you can for sure. The camsite offers crystal clear audio where you can hear everything very clearly or some of the girls do offer their own personal phon enumber so you can have phone chat with them as you watch them atthe same times.

Foot Fetish Cams Online

The site above is by far the cheapest foot fetish cam site online firstly you have the option of the free cam area however if you want to be a bit more intimate with the cam model then you can find cams at 98cents a minute  with the models able to offer discounts as well as happy hour cams and much more

The Most Popular Fetish Is Feet

Is foot Fetish Popular?

My Own Foot Fetish Story

The most popular fetish that all men have is for women’s feet. Every guy at some level or another has a desire and a lust for the female foot. I myself am one such person and I have it pretty strong. The mere sight of women in sandals or bare foot has my cock twitching and I can feel a hard on beginning. Foot fetish is always the most requested type of show just ask any cam girls on these sites. From toe sucking and footjobs to rubbing oils and creams on their sexyfeet  Just check the live sex fetish chat rooms and see how many guests in the room ask for this type of show. Next to that you have the smoking fetish which is another popular request

100% Yes infact we encourage you to do that, these foot fetish cam girls love to see just how hard and excited they make you with their teasing feet and toe sucking skills so please do send your cam and have an epic cam2cam show with them

Just last week I was in a café and sitting outside enjoying the sun when A pair of college students sat down opposite. I was instantly drawn to their feet and my heart leaped when I saw they were both wearing sandals. They both had perfectly manicured toe nails, painted and primed, and flawlessly smooth skin. One had on a thin gold ankle bracelet and the other had adorned her toes with toe rings. Silver and flashy yet subtle. I groaned slightly inside as they crossed their legs and chatted, oblivious to the fact they were rendering the guy two tables over speechless and making him lost in his own world of euphoria. 

When one of them slipped her sandal down to rub her soles, I almost shot my pants. She left it dangling on the edge of her toes and shook it gently as she sipped her coffee. I was practically drooling as I looked on and my cock was bursting. I could feel the pre-cum oozing from the end and I was paranoid about the huge wet patch I would no doubt have. The other one (the one with the toe rings) put her left leg across her right lap to lean on her knee and her foot was pointed straight at me.

By now I thought my dick was going to explode. She took cream from her bag, squirted some in her hand and then proceeded to rub her soles and all over the top and ankle. I had tears of frustration in my eyes by now as she absent mindedly rubbed the cream all over her foot while chatting with her friend.

The other one now kicked off her sandals and stretched her legs out and put one foot on top of the other and rubbed her toes of her left foot against the soles of her right one. They were both oblivious to the carnage they were causing my libido. Eventually they finished their drinks, stood up, hugged and walked off in their separate ways. I watched them leave and saw their flip flops smacking off their heels with every stride and it made me almost cum right there and then. I had finished my own drink by now but since I was wearing training pants with no jockeys on underneath, I’m sure you can understand I was in no fit state to move!

Eventually my hard on subsided, I placed a magazine strategically over the wet patch in my groin from all the pre cum and I headed home. The first thing I did was boot my computer up and log in to my favorite fetish webcam site. I use this to get my foot fetish craving satisfied on a regular basis. It is full of sexy women who are all live and online for the specific purples of satisfying any and all fetishes of guys like me. Any thing can be handled on here and a foot fetish is by far the most commonly asked for. There are women from all ethnicities and of all shapes and sizes. Teens to milfs and grannies, slim and toned to bbw, white, black, Asian, Latino and even shemales, there is a female to suit everyone and there are always dozens available at any time of day or night.

I was after a chick to match the ones I had seen earlier obviously so I clicked the boxes for 20 – 30, blonde and the slim body type. There were around two dozen online and free at that point so I chose one from the list and entered her free cam chat area. After a few pleasantries, I told her I was looking for her to wear cut off shorts, a tight white t shirt and some beige sandals, exactly like the hottie I had seen earlier, and that I wanted her to sit and rub cream on her feet and tickle her toes. She told me this was no problem and then went to get ready while I did the same.
That is the great thing about the free chats area. I could tell her all that I wanted with out paying a dime which in turn means I can enjoy a longer session I private for the good stuff!

When I entered the private room, she was all dressed like I had asked and she looked a knock out. She sat down and got in the position I had requested and squirted the cream out. In my mind I was already back at that café watching the two co eds. My dick got hard almost instantly and I started jacking off. It was a blessed relief after the torment of earlier to be able to watch this sexy, gorgeous girl rub cream on her foot right in front of me and be able to wank to it. It only took me a few minutes and I had shot my bolt. She purred as I did so and told it could only be better if I had done it all over her feet!

That is my story but what ever way you want it, a foot fetish cam session can be had that will match any fantasy or image in your head. All you need to do is use the free chatting facility to tell her exactly what you are after and then she can do it for you. Nothing is impossible so give it a try. There are dozens upon dozens of gorgeous females available right now. We have femdom cams available as well for those who want to be dominated and smothered by Dominant womens feet.

The Cheapest Foot Fetish Cams Online?

Can I show My Webcam to the Cam girl?

Yes it is, infact it is probably the most popular sexual fetish of them all. Ask any webcam girl and they will all tell you most fetishists request some form of foot play on webcam. Some fetishists just love to look at the feet and imagine they are their licking and rubbing them, however from a bdsm prospective submissives love to worship a Mistresses foot. If you are a sissy you will now about how  a Mistress enjoys  foot smothering sessions to humiliate sissy girls