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The best sissy humiliation & domination online are you ready for some degrading humiliation from a strict Dominatrix who gets pleasure from your embarrassment?

Are you prepared for some of the most humiliating tasks and orders you will ever receive?

Are you ready to serve and be controlled by some of the meanest, strictest and cruel Mistress cam Dommes on the internet? If so then you are in the right place.

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Whether you enjoy dressing up like a prissy sissy or you are suffering forced feminisation, whether you are a maid or a slut, one thing you will have to accept is that your Mistress will always decide to humiliate you for it. It is part and parcel of being submissive to a dominant woman. One of their favourite things is bondage and tieing up their little sissie girls we have a cam room especially for sissy girls check the bondage cams section

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If you are one of the millions of subs who use live femdom cams for your sissy sessions then this is the best website you could ever have hoped to find. Whether you are a nervous newbie stepping into the bdsm arena for the first time or you are an experienced slave looking to freshen things up, this site is jam-packed with strict dommes, cruel mistresses and sadistic ladies who derive great pleasure and amusement from humiliating their sissy slaves.

Sissy humiliation can take on many forms. The scene of female domination and bdsm is so huge, so vast, that it is impossible to cover it all and as such, no two sessions need ever be the same. Humiliation within s and m, femdom and bdsm are 101, and the only limit is both your imaginations.

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None of the Dommes online here have any limits to what they will do to prissy sissy sluts and maids like you.

Whether you are a sissy maid for domestic servitude or a slut cum drinking cock sucking sissy whore, your humiliation will be tailored around it.

Sissy maids, for example, might find themselves tottering around in massive high heels as they clean up and serve their Domme.

Sometimes these heels are 2 sizes too small or too big, making walking difficult.

Maybe she will make you tuck your skirt into your knickers and walk around with them on show. Perhaps you will be made to wear ankle cuffs secured with a 3-inch chain which makes walking extremely difficult.

Will you become A Sissy Maid?

As a male dressed in a French maid’s outfit complete with a white apron, stockings, suspenders, panties, a wig and full makeup, you will be utterly humiliated as you stand before your owner.

In extreme cases, many sissified maids are forced to serve more than one Domme at a time. 3, 4 sometimes a whole group, all laughing, pointing and making fun of you whilst you serve them wine and clean up after them.

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If you have displeased her in any way, she will make you stand before her and apologise and explain yourself which doesn’t sound like much but as this ice queen bores her eyes into your soul and you can see the anger and venom in her eyes and in her voice, your humiliation will make your cheeks burn.

Sissy sluts also have it bad, and their humiliating tasks are off the charts at times.

Things like wearing a micro skirt that shows off their panties, fishnet stockings and caked in makeup with cheap perfume sprayed on them. Being forced to parade around, wiggling their slutty ass and showing how they would flaunt their wares for horny guys to fuck.

Many sluts get forced to become cock suckers and as such spend hours giving blow jobs to dildos or strap ons as practice while their Mistress laughs at them and yells encouragement from the sidelines. Maybe she will make you stand in front of her and tell her much you enjoy being a cum whore, of sucking dick and swallowing the spunk of countless men.

Maybe she will pimp you out as a cheap $10 fuck?

Whether you are a maid or a slut, public humiliation is an extreme form which many Dommes will use. From simple tasks like going into the garden fully dressed or wearing panties to walking the streets or even going for gas for your car. Some Mistresses also force their slaves to go shopping or to ask the cute sales girl for advice for clothes themselves.

There really is no end to the possibilities of how a sissy humiliation webcam session can go. No matter what type of feminised sissy you are, there is a Mistress on this cam site who will degrade you till your cheeks burn red and you want the ground to open up and swallow you whole.

Each and every Domme is more sadistic and heartless and cruel than the next and they will keep finding more and more new ways with which to humiliate and degrade you.

These Dominatrix Give you Tasks To Humiliate you

Their sadistic laughing and taunts as you mince around, shaking your ass, kissing their boots, cleaning the floor with a toothbrush, licking the toilet bowl, sucking a dildo or being fucked by a huge vibrator will ring in your ears for days afterwards. Their mocking tone alone will cause you to want to burst into tears!

There are hundreds upon hundreds of Mistresses online right now who are there specifically to deal with sissy bitches who need humiliated and brought down a peg or two to make them know their position in life. No matter what type of Mistress you seek, be she a quietly spoken sensual Domme or a heartless, cruel, cold-hearted sadistic bitch, there is the perfect match for you on here.

If you want blonde, brunette, redhead, teenage, mature, black, white, Asian, tattooed, even shemale, there is someone online and live right now who is ready to make you perform all sorts of humiliating tasks for her amusement so what are you waiting for? Sign up now and take yourself to as low as you thought it was possible to go.

Perhaps the femdom will turn you in her little cuckold and have you watch as she has sex with her lover in front of you. Perhaps now that you are her sissy cuckold she will make you suck her man’s cock and swallow his cumloads. No matter what the scenario our live cuckold cams offer humiliation, domination and alpha bulls