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These Online Femdom cams are available right now no matter what type of submissive or sissy girl you are, our live femdom Mistresses are waiting to take control of you in live domination and humiliation cam show. From the sadistic, cruel, mean Dominatrixes to the manipulative, blackmailing Mistresses who enjoy taking full control of all slaves in an online show. Click our live cam feeds below and starts your slave training with a dominatrix who gets off on watching you suffer.

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 The Best Kinky Femdom Cams – Webcam Rooms With Free Chat

Kinky Femdom chat rooms with amazing High definition cams featuring the very best Strict Mistresses online who enjoy live BDSM webcam training for a sissy girl and slave, domination and humiliation with Mean Women. When you are ready to hand over your life as you once knew it to an amazing femdom then step inside and tell her why she should consider a little dick like you?

You do understand that you mean nothing to our Female dominatrixes, don’t you? They just want to use you, abuse you, laugh at you and degrade you. This is all you deserve.

We are real women with real men and little twits like you are just good to use as a punchbag. Perhaps you are a little sissy girl and need to be dressed up? Humiliation cams  For naughty slaves

When you are told to do something by your superior strong Mistress you must jump to it right away, they take no-nonsense and will use blackmail scenario fantasy to ensure you do as you are told or your personal information will be released.

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Even out foot fetish, Women love to push their sexy soles into your mouth and demand that you lick and suck their sexy toes. Our cam to cam mistresses is always prepared for every eventuality in a session.

Perhaps you have a foot fetish cams online live. Get ready to worship our live online dominatrix cams who will do just about anything to get what they want. and if you stand in their way you will be severely punished and abused by them.

Cracking the cane, standing over you and spitting in your face as they demand you do everything they say. Start your BDSM webcam training today and see for yourself just how to keep then online Dominas really are.

When you are ordered to strip naked and stand to attention for your mistress you soon know straight away that she means business and she begins by inspecting your cock and balls and moves onto that pathetic ass.

She knows she will be abusing them all and making your life a sorry misery. View the kinky fetish chat rooms here

Strict Mistress Cams

Get ready to do as you are told with these strict Mistress cams. They really do idolize having the power and watching their slaves dance like puppets. Our cruel females from femdom chat have one thing in common and that is to get their slaves to sign contracts to become proper slaves who are owned and controlled by female Domina’s who thrive on power.

Get ready to begin your journey into the world of BDSM Chat by strict Mistress who spends her whole day on chat waiting to take over and manipulate weak sissy and slaves on live video chats

Strict Women On Web Cam

All submissive males and slaves need a strict Mistress to make sure they remember their proper place.
Some need guidance because they are not fully submissive and some times get a little bit too cocky and they need to be brought back down a peg or two.

They start to move away from being properly respectful to their Mistress and begin refusing orders and commands. So it needs a strong woman to nip this sort of behaviour in the bud and discipline her subordinate accordingly.

Some slaves need strictness right from the get-go due to their lack of structure in the service area. They have been allowed to “roam free” so to speak and they need a powerful female to pounce on any and all glimpses of lack of respect shown and they require a no-nonsense Domme who will train them to properly serve a superior female.

Whichever category you fall in to, you can be guaranteed there is a strict Mistress on live webcam who will be more than experienced enough to make sure you toe the line and that you suffer for any indiscretions. Check out the femdom cams here for crueller, twisting scenarios

The imagination they have and the ferocity of their temper will ensure that you are mindful to follow all orders and commands to the letter and that you never answer back or attempt to do a half-assed job because the second your Mistress sees the slightest glimpse that you are failing to meet her exceptionally high standards she will punish you severely.

These mean bitches are harsh taskmasters and they accept nothing less than 100% compliance from anyone lucky enough to serve them.
To be honest though, if you are into the whole  BDSM scene then strict Mistresses are the only kind who can satisfy the cravings you have for female domination. There are guys out there who like sensual Dom but for the majority of submissive men, the thrill of being under the control of a harsh, strict and no-nonsense powerful woman is the only way to go.

Nothing other than a lady who will be harsh and severe with them will do. During live femdom cam sessions, the dominatrix will be watching you closely as she issues commands and just waiting on the opportunity to show you just how in control she really is.

The punishments for lackadaisical attitude or tardiness will be swift and brutal. It has been known for a slave who forgets to address her as “Mistress” to have his balled whacked with a wooden spoon till they are purple and bruised.

You can also meet many fetish cam girls who are ready to carry out any naughty kinky request you may have. from sexy smoking to long fingernails our fetish queens have you covered.

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Other slaves who hesitate when told to eat their own cum after an ejaculation will be ordered to mix it with dog food and eat the whole lot. These female dominants are not to be messed with and you would be advised to always obey fully with whatever they tell you to do. Nothing will ever escape their notice so any attempt by you to not give 110% will result in swift action and retribution.

There are hundreds of cruel, mean bitches online in these live femdom cams sessions with cam to cam who will always give you a stern lesson in how to properly oblige a dominant female.


They will train you to be the best slave you can to them. It may take time and you may suffer stringent punishments and verbal abuse but they will persevere with strictness and severity and you will, one day, be able to be of some use to a Goddess.

these no-nonsense Dommes will reduce you to nothing with cutting comments about your cock size, cruel laughter and sadistic demands.

Maybe they’ll have you beat your cock black and blue with a ruler or wooden spoon? Or perhaps they’ll have you dress up like a little sissy maid? Or maybe make you stand and listen as they rip your penis size to shreds and reduce you to tears right there in front of them on live femdom cams.

It doesn’t matter what form of discipline you need. On this cam site, there are more than enough powerful women to fit the bill. Our slave training cams online are always available for CBT training, tease and denial, chastity control and blackmail as well as foot worship and humiliation.

Our ladies enjoy every aspect of abusing weak fearful men. So whenever you feel you are ready to begin a journey into bondage and discipline online then be sure to enter into our live rooms right now. We have evil females online who every aspect of being control and the full power they get from vulnerable men who need to be brought into line by our evil women of the mistress world.


From black domination to femdom by teens. And from mom dom to dominant wives there is a selection of femdom Mistress here who will make your subservience a reality.

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They take no bull, no macho BS and they make sure all males know their place.

Naturally dominant and with a wicked, sadistic sense of humour, whichever Mistress you choose to have a live webcams session with will reduce you to tears yet leave you eager to come back.

Its because men like you know only to well that female is the superior sex and no matter how much abuse, how much ridicule and how much pain they send your way, you’ll always continue to come back for more.

Because you’re apathetic, snivelling little male and all your good for is being a toy to your superior Goddess.

So stop wasting time and get your sorry ass into a live BDSM cam session.

You want it, need it and deserve it  fetish chat site


Get ready for her to crack that whip, bend you over and declare just how you have become her weak useless pathetic little subby. She will continue to use and abuse you at all times and laughing in your face as she spits at you and degrades you. Be prepared for evil females and mean bitches who enjoy causing misery to all those who do not do as they say

If you are wanting to explore the world of real cruel femdom who don’t care about your suffering and just want to take full control of your aspect of life, they will push for that chastity contract, blackmail scenario, whippings, canings and humiliation they just don’t care, you belong to them and are their little toy. You can view some ideas here via – strictbdsmcams.com – fetish & roleplay scenarios while in webcam

Our online dominatrixes, see no shame in parading you around outside to the world to let them see how useless you are, they enjoy you being humiliated and made to look pathetic, it is all part of the game for them.

The control, the power, being in charge and you always being the lesser person, the subservient servant whose only role in life is to please the Mistress.

  • Cruel sadistic spanking using flip flops and shoes – Via cam
  • forced to dress up as a girl and sent outside to walk around
  • Made to wear chastity at all times
  • Forced to keep a butt plug up your ass
  • manipulated and deceived
  • Tortured and left with very sore cock and balls
  • left hanging from the St Andrews Cross until she is ready to start whipping or caning you
  • Made to wank that cock all day long with no break so it becomes redraw and totally milked